01 September 2016

Woods Hole Hostel (AT Day 0, Fall 2016)

I made it here to Woods Hole Hostel, which is going to be my end-point eight days from now. I will stay here tonight and then get shuttled to my starting point early tomorrow morning.

It was an easy drive down, only about 10 hours including stops. One of those stops was at a Wal Mart about an hour north of here. I never shop there, honest. But today I made an exception because as I was driving (which affords much time for ruminating about my gear), I realized that the rope I brought for bear-bagging my food is really substandard. It is too thick and too short. It's also a very dark maroon color, which makes it hard to find in the dark when everything around you blends into one big palette of earth-tones. I had meant to buy a better rope before I left home, but that task never made it to the top of my to-do list. At the time, I figured in a pinch I could make do with what I had. But now that the reality of this trip has fully set in, I made a panic-stop at the Wytheville Wal Mart when I realized it would probably be the last retail opportunity I would see before hitting the trail. I found a longer, lighter, stronger, neon-orange nylon rope. I probably would have paid fifty bucks for it if I had to! It was only like three dollars.

I also picked up a fleece for ten bucks, which was another panic-induced purchase. During my drive I started fretting that the nighttime temps are going to be colder than I anticipated, and we all know how much I hate being cold at night. So now, for better or for worse, I have an additional layer (and additional 5 ounces or so to add to my pack, dang it.)

Woods Hole Hostel
Woods Hole Hostel is cool, but right now my mind can't really appreciate it. I am so keyed up about the hike ahead of me. I am also mentally exhausted from a crazy string of weeks at work. So even though it's only 7pm, I've enfolded myself into blankets in the hostel's bunk house, my alarm set for 5am when I'll get my last shower for 8 days and set off on my adventure.

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